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yea, when Kakashi was talking with zabuza the 2nd time at the bridge, he told him that sasuke was from the most powerful clan from konoha , and zabuza knew that he was talking about uchiha. BUt i dont think u would have that much of a problem thinkin of a move to do even if u have mastered 1000 moves, kakashi so far seems to have certian moves that he likes to do. and the human mind works very fast , and for him to have survived he should know what works and in what combination and what other jutsu's certian moves would work best against

Sharingan cant see the future it was just kakashi messing with zabuza's mind because he was coping his movements exactly , even his vocal movements

but in the naruto world , i would still choose kyubi demon inme if i could , hahaa
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