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Originally Posted by innominate View Post
Um, you mean like... shelf life? For the smoothie part. Can't you just refrigerate it?

I think someone has brought this up before but I forgot who.

Or do you mean... when you're making it?
yes, shelf life. And the other person that was talking about shelf life, that was me too ^_^.

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
I was saving some images from another site yesterday, when I suddenly noticed that something had changed with the images themselves.

All the images were JPG and all had their own name (a number, but whatever); At one point however, they all become nameless (untitled) BMP images when I saved them.

I could only save them as BMP files and I had to rename them every time for every single image. What exactly happened here? A problem on my side with IE7 maybe?

The site in question has two places for their galleries. The main galleries on the site, and the fan galleries on their forums. In this case, the problem appears whenever I try to save images from their forum.

I have downloaded images from many sites in the past, and this the second time I have seen this happening in the last six months or so.
That happen to me before too from some of the image sites i've downloaded from too. But I don't know why too. Like you said, the file name has two extension on it too. But I didn't really care for it too much, though i'm not exactly sure why this happens.

Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
This should happen automatically after a number of bad sends or "client abuse" behavior. Why would you want to do it manually?
I was just wondering.

---New question now.

Now sometimes you go into those older barbershops you see those red/white/blue spiraling stripes going from up to down on those poles, what exactly did those mean again? I don't quite remember but I think it had something to do back into the Civil War or something, correct?

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