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Originally Posted by encia View Post
In terms of firepower, Zentradi starships are not impressive to begin with.
Not really. During the initial phases of the attack, the Zentradi ships were able to cleanly destroy human space ships in a shot or two, until the Macross showed up.

The Macross had slightly stronger firepower than most of the smaller Zent monitors, as it was a gunship built for anti-shipping operations, but had not the type of firepower when compared to say, the Nupetiet-Vergnitzs class battleship. Moreover, the exclusive gunships of both the Zentradi and Meltrandi had at least equal firepower when compared to the SDF-1 Macross.

The Zents were more surprised that mankind was able to repair a Supervision Army vessel and carry with them lost technologies of compact reactionary warheads than the actual capabilities of the Macross itself.

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DYRL is not canon.
It is partially canon. Aside from the character redesigns (Vritwhai for example, I am sure you note the difference in the original and the 'canon'. He had hair, now he no longer has hair when described in subsequent series), Meltran battleships from DYRL also became part of the canon. Moreover, Bodolza had a fortress in the original TV series as well, it was simply redesigned for DYRL's sake. Most of the mechanical designs when referring to the original now take cue from DYRL. We first begin seeing this in Macross 7.

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I don't recall Zentradi ships projecting any force field type defence..
He never suggested the Zentradi had forcefield defenses. Glyph stated that it was

"human-exclusive technology, discovered by accident, and unheard of by the Zentradi."

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