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Originally Posted by Zarn View Post
Sigh @ Ayako releases.

Are they obsessed with changing the sub font every ep in their releases? Also, why did they cut the ED on ep 2? You can still hear the characters for a split second before it moves onto the preview.
I'll quote what 0utf0xZer0 said over in another thread about this

Chihiro's release for this series stores the OP and ED as separate files. When you play each episode, the OP and ED will be loaded from these files at the appropriate time assuming:

A) The OP, ED, and episode you're trying to play are stored in the same directory.
B) Your playback software supports ordered chapters and is properly set up to use them.

The advantage of this approach is that it means you only need one copy of each OP or ED, rather than needing to include it with every episode, saving disk space and bandwidth. There's actually a few groups that use it.
I actually just dl the OP and ED the other day
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