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As a side note, I really love Sun Ce's characterization here as someone who's not only god-tier in power, but also disconnected from humanity and morality in a way that could be described either as sociopathic, in our terms, or "god-like," as they would say. But that does make it hard to believe that he wouldn't eventually just cut his way to world domination, or that he can even die in the first place XP.
Everyone in the comic will get dealed their historical fate in due time. Look the Dong Zhou and Lu Bu. Both have more charms and brains than their real life counterparts and where are they now ?

Another thing, Sun Ce must die in order to set everything to their historical source, Red Cliff might not have happened is Ce is not killed. For all we know, Ce might have teamed up with Yuan Shao to do a pincer attack from both the North and South if he had survived his historical assassination and history would be re-written.
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