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So I guess I can officially join the "Makoto is a bastard" club, because he was indeed one. There were traces of what I thought would be his actual character; moments, like when he was talking with Setsuna alone(at the entrance ceremony as well as some moments in ep 6 or 7). This, even if he still blazed down the path of absurd denseness about what he was doing, should be who he really was. Otome said he was kinder as well back in middle school. So why do we end up with a ridiculous char that is so oblivious to what he's doing?

At least, at the end of episode 11, after seeing what he had done to Kotonoha, I thought he would understand the implications of his actions, even if he still met with a violent end. But instead, he acts EXACTLY the way he has from the latter half of the series, not even taking into account how Sekai was feeling. Maybe it was Sekai that led him on and 'tempted' him, but it was he that said Kotonoha was 'a bother' and 'boring' to Sekai . He said he liked Sekai more amongst other things. He NEVER says the opposite to Koto, even when he broke up with her in ep 10. This is why it's not truly Sekai's fault, imo. We've seen in typical fashion how such advances are carried out, Shuffle's Kaede being a good example. He took advantage of her kindness, even if it was under a subtle pretense of wanting to love him, and constantly remind everyone that he and Sekai were dating. I mostly thought as I watched the anime that Koto wasn't getting any love; getting bullied, ignored(but not from her perspective), etc, but when I thought about it at the end, is that really so? For him to just dump Sekai like that at the end, and make out with Koto right in front of her in the last episode, actually made me pity Sekai more. It was more properly emphasized that they were a couple as opposed to Makoto/Koto was, plus the baby and being ignored, Sekai surely got the shorter end of the stick. Koto was different. Her love wasn't particularly stemmed from "he's fun to be with" love, but an 'infatuation from afar' love, or maybe the love of being in love, further multiplied by reading romance novels and self-assuring herself despite his attitude at times with her.

edit: After watching the last ep a few more times, and looking at Makoto's nuances, maybe he DID slightly change. The wording he used when Sekai came over, I guess he didn't want her to have an abortion, but still had a hard time talking about it. Kinda sad, he still deserved to die, but he could have at least been able to redeem himself a single time had he managed to tell her that.

The one thing I truly wished that didn't happen was Makoto/Setsu having sex. I know that it may have been 'implied, but not known', but judging how Minami? tried to get him to see Sekai in ep 11 and he never didn't, I can only assume that Setsu did it with him. Setsu being with that bastard... makes my blood boil, even more than him doing anyone else >=0(. A minor thing is that I wished he died a slow, agonizing death, so that he could reflect on what he had done before he died.

Generally though, I dulled my senses while watching this, and I think it had the heavy dramatic atmosphere that I've been looking for recently. Although Makoto was a horrible char in that he was TOO oblivious to what was going on(or didn't care) and did nothing but think of himself, I enjoyed how balanced the story was in preventing you from knowing how his relationship(s) would end, with both Sekai and Koto having somewhat fragile relations that could tip over at anything(can't word this right =0\). Not my favorite show by any means, but it was enjoyable enough.

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