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Originally Posted by Akiyoshi View Post
I know her constant absortion of The Book of Darkness/Reinforce is what provoked her paralysis, the Unison somehow cured it temporarily, and after the de-unison Hayate's legs become disabled again. Then Reinforce "died" and Hayate spent years in rehab now that the damage to her body has stopped and it have now time to fix it normally. Still the mistery remains on how the unisom makes her able-bodied.
Hayate's legs were paralysed because Reinforce had been slowly draining her, when Reinforce unisoned what she drained was now again part of Hayate, making her 'whole' again.

That, or it's the flight spell. Flight spells seem to have telekinetic properties, so she could have simply been moving her legs like that instead of the usual way.
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