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I'm hoping that the score is composed by her though, since they only announced that she's only doing the composition for the Theme, though I can't think of any reason of Kawamori not getting her fully on board here.
Hopefully it happens as it'd suck not to have her back plus I'm really looking forward to her scoring a new show after all this time, though as you say since they only announced her for the theme I'm not expecting it (similar to how they waited so long to announce that she wasn't composing for DTB2 and practically announced the entire staff/cast/new story etc. before naming the new composer, who was fortunately a standout like the guy who we hadn't heard since his old excellent original Hellsing OST and did a rather good job on DTB2) or at least she starts getting back into it main composing soon. We really need her incredible scoring back on the scene.

While DTB might not use her music in her most standout fashion (I agree placement more than the music itself, I think the show wasn't really a show that could play up music regularly because whenever there was a scene where they could play it up like during a chase or when they used the very actiony-Kanno-esque "Go Dark" etc. or that main piano theme, or that one ep with the heavy detective pieces, it was pure Kanno awesomeness in the show, so I just think the material didn't call for really playing up the music quite as often since there was a lot of mood, dialogue, maneuvering, etc. that called for "supporting" music rather than prominent foreground music) I thought it was still really good and played a big part in DTB and it felt weird not having her back for DTB2 since aside from Kawamori, Okamura is another director that has tried to get her on board regularly (Wolf's Rain, DTB, and third they must have worked together a bit when he worked a slightly lesser position on Bebop too so they've also worked together for years like Kawamori).
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