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Are both Johan and Pheles still inside the van? And, they are actually convey the message to Kazumi through dream, right?

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Based on the informative replies given by others, I shall try to determine how Shana learnt Taimei Shihen.

1. While still in Reiji Maigo inside Yuji, Johan learnt the spell of Taimei Shihen.
2. Somehow, Johan passed the knowledge of using Taimei Shihen to Lamies.
3. Lamies passed the scroll of secrets to Wilhelmina. This scroll was seen in 5 minutes 30 seconds in Episode 16.
4. Wilhelmina passed it to Margery and Sale for them to analyze. They were analyzing the spell, as shown in around 4 minutes in Episode 17.
5. After it was unlocked, Shana learnt Taimei Shihen.
In this episode, Johan himself says that he is the one who gives the scroll of secret.

Is there any reason for the denizens to attack the van? Due to the command of Pirsoyn?
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