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Originally Posted by elior View Post
i was shocked about the proffesor been sale father is it true he is father or there is somthing else about it?
Sale said that he's an artificial flame haze, a flame haze created by someone else. In episode 16 he says that his reason to go to this battle is because he wants to stop the one who created him from going to Xanadu. And we learned that his creator is Dantalion. So in a way, I guess you could say that he's his father.

Originally Posted by alvinkhorfire View Post
Are both Johan and Pheles still inside the van? And, they are actually convey the message to Kazumi through dream, right?
They don't seem to be phyisically present in the minivan anymore. But I guess that they're still there in some kind of way. It probably has something to do with the thing Rofocale saw in the previous episode.

Originally Posted by alvinkhorfire View Post
Is there any reason for the denizens to attack the van? Due to the command of Pirsoyn?
Hyakki Yakou acted against Bal Masque by 'stealing' Kazumi and 'damaging' their leader, so I guess that all tomogara have been ordered (probably by Bel Peol) to hunt them down.

I don't think Yuji/SnH ordered this, since he still cares about Kazumi.

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