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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
A Flame-Haze like method by the top Flame-Hazes....did you actually expect any better from them?
Well their job IS to protect the balance so I'm not sure how comparing them to Hilter is a good comparison.

Most if not all of the Flame Hazes became that because they were wronged by the Denizens one way or the other. South Valley must've really been beaten badly a long time ago to have that much hatred.

I don't see anything wrong with them changing the law to have it so that the Denizens cannot eat humans....I'm more suprised that Yuji didn't even put that in in the first place to begin with which I suppose lends to Johan's lecture about him being so uptight about it.

And they want to instill as much fear and terror into the Denizens so that their descendants will not forget the crimes and punishments that awaits them if they ever dared set foot on Earth again.

Yuji created Xanadu, the Flame Hazes simply continued in their duties by making sure that down the road the new world wouldn't affect the old worlds or at least minimize the risks.
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