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My only recent experience in anime is Angel Beats! episode four, but what would be "awesome" ways of doing the final baseball match? And should they win or not?

Also: romance is a staple when you're in this business. It's either that or create big, overarching "plots" involving outer space, magic, or whatever supernatural brouhaha to justify the hentai. On the opposite side of the spectrum sits the extreme slice-of-life, of which most Key games sit at the upper end of. Yet they are somehow able to make it work, making their games be a big impact in the visual novel world, and that's why they're one of the big names - a titan.

Another also: reading all the other impressions, plus my own and those of the other posters many pages before, has led me to conclude that there are no real consensus with regards to the heroines. Personally, without going indepth, I have Rin>anyone else. Because she is that awesome.
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