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Originally Posted by Atlantis_Lux View Post
Too much inconsistencies in the scrip. Almost all the characters switch abruptly side with no clear explanation on why they do that. Repetitively. Sub-plots are rushed (Chinese and Charles/Marianne arcs). Lelouch is incoherent through the whole show, ending doing and being what he hated in the beginning... or just a couple of episodes before. Animation is very good, but the constant overpowering of the mecha as a trick to solve every fights it's in the end a bit boring. Musics are ok but the openings are a pain.
Overall, I'm totally unimpressed and disappointed with this second series, that fails to carry on the good qualities of the first one, while enhancing its flaws.
Promises were high, but results did not meet expectations. Mine, at least. I give it a 5/10.
Actually, there's a TON of explanation. Did you even watch the whole series or just the first and last episodes?

The usage of mecha as plot devices are only used as such in the first half of the series, and that's mostly due to Suzaku's haxxor abilities and the fact that the Black Knights are playing technology catch-up for most of the first arc (up until the Chinese Federation arc). After that, it's mostly due to individuals' skill versus technology.

In fact, most fights are resolved with Lelouch using the environment to his advantage to destroy the enemy, if you were paying any attention at all.

And the openings were quite good. WORLD END is probably one of the best openings I've ever heard for any anime. It's the endings that weren't so hot.

Again, you should really explain what "good qualities" and "flaws" you're talking about if you want us to buy the bullshit you're spouting in your so-called "review". I understand that every anime has flaws somewhere, but you FAIL TO MENTION EVEN ONE in the context of comparing the first with the second season.

Seriously, put more than two minutes of thought into your post, and you need to actually have seen the series in order to make a judgment, because from your comments, you obviously couldn't have watch more than half a dozen episodes, out of order and with bad subtitles/translations.
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