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I just wanted to give my idea, because I haven't seen any body post about it yet...though maybe it's just commonly thought of already, I don't know.

Some people have said the rebellion came out of nowhere, and they were like, wtf?

But wasn't it building? You see the warring sides. The populace on one side, and the supporters of the church on the other. For the church, we already know the bishop is corrupt, and has shady deals to increase his financial margin on his way to greater power. Then we know that the church in this town can't treat it's people properly, as all they are doing is shady dealings.

One such deal was Abe. Instead of Abe raising profit margins through selling the salt statues, what if it was the church who had directed her to do so? In order for them to increase their profits, they wanted to statues sold to the townspeople. But when this years expedition was canceled, they kicked Abe out, because she wouldn't be able to give them that much of a profit gain.

As for the townsfolk, lets say that on top of them being fed up with the church "killing" any who oppose it, they come to realize the statues given by the church were salt and not stone? Then they would realize how much they were paying for them, versus how much they were worth, on top of that the church itself would have been desecrating the image or whatever. All this would of course lead to such a rebellion.

Then the merchants who want the furs and stuff. They all looked shady and stuff, but for them to be behind the rebellion, I can't see it. Merchants have places to go, profits to make, etc. They would never stay and fight in a rebellion unless the profits were enormous. Right? And what could they gain by fighting? Some cheaper furs? and what could they lose? Their lives. Really easily. It's a revolution after all. I'm pretty sure most of the merchants high tailed it and ran, and the fight is between the villagers and their church.
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