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Originally Posted by Dj0rel View Post
I think that leaving Clare out of this arc was a pretty interesting move. I mean in every other shonen I've seen the main character absolutely has to be the main face in every important event (I call it "Goku save us!" routine). Because of this, I find the fact that it seems Clare will be absent form one of the most important events on the island refreshing.
I agree that leaving out the MC for this arc could be theoretically a good move, but the real problem imo is that without Claire to give focus in the story Yagi wasn't able to pace the story very well,it's like the rhytm is A LOT slower than it was before, this way the story has lost some of the tension.

Imo one of the causes is the fact that Yagi decided to have the story very frammented exactly when the MC was away.
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