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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Not really there's several shounens where the main character does nothing for large pieces of time and events, Psyren, HxH, heck even bleach has a large strip where Ichigo does very little until practically the very end.
Well like I said "in every other shonen I've seen". Also this is not just large "piece of time" or "event", claymore rebellion is single most important thing that has ever happened in this manga. It's pretty much like, what if Goku had never went to Namek.

Originally Posted by su5so View Post
The problem is easy to find for me. The battle Histerya vs Miria is lengthening unnecessarily showing a claymore can fight with a abysal in an absurd way.
The fact that Miria can fight her and even overcome Histerya, (it seems that this will happen) nobody likes. That is the big issue of this arc.
Considering what we saw before in Claymore, the fact that Miria can hold her own against Hysteria is not only not surprising, it's not even odd. Remember, Galatea, no3, was moping the floor with Duff, awakened former no3. Or when Clare, half awakened no47 killed fully awakened Rigardo, fully awakened former no2. In fact there are enough similar examples that it makes me wonder why so many readers insist on some "numbers and statistics" when it's shown many times that they are by no means set in stone.
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