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Originally Posted by Dj0rel View Post
First, you give me one explanation (that you find satisfying) to why was Duff unable to easily kill Galatea or even Clare when he can easily one shot another above average awakened being.
Duff was stupid and only has strength. Although he was power-wise stronger than Galatea & Claire combined together, he was played for sucker easily by Galatea. But despite Galatea was weaker than Duff it doesn't mean that she could be defeated easily since we know Galatea's sense and ability to manipulate youki is better than anyone else. (Plus her improvement when she releases her youki was said to be the highest in her ranks, although she was defeated at the end but still useful to buy some time for Claire to get Jean.)

About why Duff wasn't unable to kill Claire easily, one of the reason is because Claire's ability to read youki so she could predict Duff's attack, and the other one is because Duff was stuck in the tunnel thus gave Claire the advantage. Well, not for long but she was saved by Galatea later.

And he one-shot said above average awakened being when the said above average was off guard.

Originally Posted by su5so View Post
The example you put in Dauf and Galatea is different (We never saw his claymore level). You really think a claymore Dauf would have the same level as Galatea? I really doubt it. However, Histerya claymore showed was better than Miria.

Clare's example I simply argument the inner potential, (as Priscilla), though it may seem very simple, that is my honest opinion.
He was number 3, we already see his level. But if he was stronger as a claymore than Galatea then it's debatable since Duff is power & attacking type and Galatea is sensor & defensive type.

Btw, Histerya sure was number one at her time, but Miria's no 6 was before the time skip so I think her rank should be higher up now.

And Claire, yeah I kinda agree with you. Perhaps because of her potential and because she has Theresa inside of her, since from what the organization said we know that Theresa was extraordinary.
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