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VR headsets exist in the real world of Log Horizon, but Shiroe just states that they were still testing/developing it, and for hundreds of thousands of players to *suddenly* have VR headsets stuck on them without warning would be illogical.


Reread the raid battle/chapter 5 of volume 6. Man, all that foreshadowing/hints in that exchange between Henrietta and Kinjo, such as the animosity between him and Shiroe, and the fact that Minami was partially to blame for the incident. Kinjo also suggests that the Kunie clan in the west is, in fact, a different one (I doubt he would use the words he did if he was familiar with Minami).

Also, as I had been suspecting, he's aware of what's going on elsewhere in the world. Perhaps he is tied to the kind of people Roe2 is one of? Maybe he knows about the Genius monsters as well, but is unwilling to tell anything.

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