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VR headset is today technology but VR headset that can tinkering with nerve signal without nerve socket like those in "THE MATRIX" isn't.

Ghost in the Shell universe have SAO like VR environtment but it require cyberbrain, nerve socket or other cyborg stuff.
We don't have VR headsets but so far we have devices that send eletromagnetic pulses directly into the brain, which scientist and medics use for research. These aren't implanted but are like a handheld wands which depending on the place of the brain targeted can cause different effects, from making you move parts of your body to changing momentarily how you think or act. On the other hand stuff like directly reading from the brain what someone is seen has been shown to be possible too.

Maybe 9 years is too soon for a VR headset but maybe 30-50 years from now isn't too far fetched.
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