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Originally Posted by orion View Post
A low Ayu scene and "uguu" count, but nevertheless it progressed her arc some. Really sad scene there.

It was nice to have progression of Mai and Makoto's arc here too.

Shiori is being mysterious as ever in this episode. Animation really excels in her scenes imo. I guess it's because of the snow.
Spoiler for Shiori:

So, there's professionally made fakes of the real episode in circulation? Wow. That's a hardcore way to count down on distribution. So what do they look like? How can you tell that they are fakes?
Haha, the "professional" here that Mentar was referring to has to deal with how prolific the fakes are in the areas we get our raws. And they're fake only in that they're actually, for lack of a better way of putting it, "not Kanon". Pick an anime, pick a sentai, pick a tokusatsu, ANY of them, then slap a Kanon name on it along with some convincing-sounding specs and there you go! Some of them are obvious, like something with AAC sound in an AVI. Yeah, right. Ain't gonna happen. Some of them look accurate... until you download 'em.

Although it seems kind of odd, fighting fire with fire, though in this cae, s/fire/infringement/g.


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