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I think this is my first 1000+ words entry on AnimeSuki. Actually watched the fansubbed Ep05 last night( this morning?), but it would have been suicidal to wrote coherent thoughts at 3am, so... yeah. On a side note, watching an episode of Kanon before lunch is likely to make you hungry... Taiyaki, Bentos, Meat Buns, etc... man. Onwards to the actual post.
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..) With the fifth dream, I am expecting that further episodes will no longer have these dream foreshadowings. My memory is fuzzy on this, but if I remember correctly, there are only five dreams. Episode 06 should be the start of the melodrama and stuff.

..) We had a moe scene of Ayu rubbing her nose in Ep02. Do girls find Yuuichi moe when he was rubbing his nose in the bathtub? Hmm... come to think of it, I have not heard much input from female viewers on Kanon. Is it because of the lack of male leads( Jun doesn't really count)?

..) We get to see the more 'paternal' side of Yuuichi with regards to Makoto in this episode. For all his complaints about Makoto's dangerousness, he still shows concern for her well-being and even tucks her in.

..) It was never explained in the game, but man... where does Akiko get all her money from? A spacious double-storey bungalow. Able to support 2 freeloaders along with the occasional Ayu visit. Giving Makoto an allowance. Does she have a diamond mine in the basement or something? Come to think of it... we never get to see the basement. Of course... the easiest answer would be that she is a Black Widow. Kudos, if you get it.

..) Loved the comic transition from when Akiko mentioned Ayu's energeticness, followed shortly by a pan to Nayuki...

..) Speaking of Nayuki, I love the jokes about her being a drug addict. Hmm... an athlete taking drugs, and getting drowsy from the side effects as a result. Heh. As one caption puts it, "Mmm... crack..."

..) Shiori the Stalker. Dun-dun dun-DUN!

..) Ep05 resolves the mystery of the eating mat from Ep02.

..) Establishment of Mai as a big eater.

..) Yuuichi was seriously working his mojo in this episode. I mean, barely seconds after parting with Mai and Sayuri, he was already charming Shiori. Poor Nayuki.

..) Yuuichi now has more money to spend on bribery thanks to Sayuri's offer of free lunch. He's so lucky. Free breakfast, free lunch, free dinner. No wonder he has loads of cash to spend on mysterious girls. Not to mention Akiko's generosity...

..) I noticed that there were a lot of still layers( mainly the background) in this episode, and for the first time in recent memory, KyoAni recycled frames( GASP! HORROR!). Fortunately, the recycled scene was used for comedic effect( I am referring to the two scenes of Makoto barging into Yuuichi's room followed by her tantrum), so it was not groan-inducing unlike the clipshow that was Gundam SEED Destiny.

The still layers also indicates that KyoAni is conserving a lot of budget. I do not mind this actually. I rather have beautifully drawn still layers than atrociously animated frames( *cough*Crescent*cough*Love*cough*).

These budget saving methods have also given me confidence that when the time comes to animate the pivotal scenes in Kanon, it will be a sight to behold. I imagine that the budget for Kanon is huge due to KyoAni's resume and past successes, so the money has to be going somewhere.

..) How much money did Akiko give Makoto to buy tofu? I mean... she had enough to buy meat buns and stacks of manga.

..) Akiko has the heart of Jesus. Yuuichi is the cynical John.

..) What did Yuuichi mean by the creepy mood is perfect?

..) Yuuichi pats Ayu and Shiori. Do people really head-pat in Japan? It just seems so surreal.

..) Fun with out of context screenshots,

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The Following Consists Of Silly Speculation
Do Not Take Them Seriously, Or I Will Laugh At You

..) So what attracts Yuuichi to these girls? And what attracts the girls to Yuuichi? The answer? Violence and Food respectively.

Think about it. Ayu headbutts Yuuichi all the time, Makoto is constantly threatening his life, and Mai swings a sword around him. Man, he must have really been turned on by Mai's violent ramming of him into the school wall to make him ignore Nayuki and return to the school in the dead of the night just to give her some Onigiri. He constantly teases Ayu all the time, but you know he's just acting and secretly thinks she's hot for smashing her face into his body all the time. Makoto? Look at how tender he was when he tucked her into her bed. That washbasin smack to his face must have been a turning point in his opinion of her.

See? This is why Nayuki is constantly being ignored. She doesn't smack Yuuichi around enough. She needs to treat Yuuichi like how Louise treats Saito. Just one kick to his nuts and I guarantee you that even if the other girls dress up as Bunny-Girls or naked-apron Meidos, Yuuichi would be too blinded by love for Nayuki. Crush Yuuichi's balls for the sake of your love, Nayuki!

How about Shiori then? Too young, but she will serve nicely as an Imouto-chan for future servings. Yuuichi shall groom her first, before unleashing his S&M fetishes on her when she matures enough.

Okay, so we have established Yuuichi's reasons for being attracted to these girls. How does he win them over then?

It's simple. Bribery, through food.

He feeds Ayu Taiyaki, introduces Makoto to meat buns, and various foodstuff to Mai. This is also an extension of his S&M fetish, as he gets to play out the role of a servant serving food to his masters. The girls, violent as they are, must be thrilled by this servitude from Yuuichi. Just wait and see. He will be serving food to Shiori soon enough.

Do you see Yuuichi giving food to Nayuki? Again, no! Unleash the beast within you, Nayuki! Whip Yuuichi into submission!
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The Following Contains Spoilerific Thoughts

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