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Maybe Bandai just played it smart, odds are the Genoace 2 will have atleast .. one? Beam saber one can hope, they just tossed it into the Genoace kit aswell.

The Dods-pistol part is used by both the AGE-1,Adele and the Genoace 2 so, they put that piece to use (again)

tbh, i feel pretty dissapointed by the way Bandai took with the Genoace 2, as someone mentioned earlier they just changed the B plate a bit, that's really, really lame.

Or maybe they did a last-minute design change since apparently AGE kits havnt been selling nearly as much as they expected and reused old kit parts? who knows, lol

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That's because they don't exist.
True, same can be said about the GP-03's core fighter aswell though, but it's nice when they toss in extra pieces, if the Genoace can't be useful in the series we can give it a pity-saber to hold in model kit form
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