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Daryll wasn't killed. He is beaten up and in lockdown in GHQ HQ.
Before Segai and glasses dude chess match you have daryl lying on bed scene. His cell is right besides the glasses dude.

As for Arisa I wonder if Gai didn't pork her long time ago after ship scene. Seems to me that she may have sticked her ass out for Gai already. And its by Gai order that she takes Nanba sausage in her grill.

You are wrong.
Gai killed 3 people with his Rocket void, it was the 3 people that betrayed Shu in ep 17, they talked to him and then twisted around with guns, it was nanba the other dude and 1 girl.

Scythe girl died by being shoot by endlave (her void that is).

Few kids die by ricotchet shoots from Daryl, rest got captured or escaped.

As for Shu wound I wonder if Inori didn't use some of her crystal magic. After all she had that stun forehead tap of hers.
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