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Man, it's been a while since an episode of GC reached this level of silliness.

Gai, with the help of the Illuminati or whatever has taken over the world with his 256 leukocytes. Maybe he should give some advice to the Iranians, as you can't seem to build a damn ICBM without everyone and their mother finding out on this planet, much less launch hundreds of kill-sats.

Since their arc is over, we kill off all the students by somehow allowing Gai to use all of their voids at once to create a totally different void to destroy a B2. Whatever, no one even cares about the void rules recommendations at this point.

Arisa kills her own grandfather, who manages to take out a few gunmen from a few meters away with a blade. Because whoring her out wasn't enough to get the point across how dishonorable we should all think she is. What's with this show and patricide?

Shu is just kind of moping around, conspicuously unconcerned about his gaping arm wound and massive blood loss.

Highlight of the episode for me:

Daryl:"Wait a minute, I know I'm currently in the middle of breaking the chain of command to risk my life to kill a guy who I for some reason believe is responsible for me killing my own father, but isn't that the girl who made me carry boxes and gave me a candy apple once?" I guess this appalling lack of diligence is why he is never seen doing anything remotely successful.
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