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One Piece - Chapter 675 [manga]

Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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Well, the break's over (for now), AND we've got Aohige and T bringing out spoilers this week! Let's see what happens next:

-Chapter title is "The name is Shinokuni". As for the new ministory, it does indeed seem to center around Caribou, as this chapter involves him terrorizing innocent mermaids once again.

-Caesar's slave children are begging for candy, and he tells them that it's in the Biscuit Room. He then has his men lock the door, just as one of the kids regains their senses, remembers Nami and Usopp's warnings, and is now willing to escape. Meanwhile, Nami has regained consciousness due to being in Sanji's stronger body, and wakes up Usopp.

-It's revealed that Law made a deal with Caesar that involves the shichibukai trading hearts with Monet, though the former's heart is currently in Vergo's hands. It also turns out that Monet shapeshifted and was stalking Law under his nose, which is why CC is aware of his treachery. It seems the scientist returns to the lab and punches Law's heart (unsure if this means Vergo's still around, though). Smoker's heart is in the scientist's hands, as well. Monet then says that she prepared the video cameras for the new experiment.....

-Criminals from all over the world are watching the video footage, which first shows a huge piece of candy lying in the middle of the icy half of the island. We then shift to the hot side of the island, where Smiley (the slime) is still reforming himself. Caesar explains that the slime itself is the poison gas bomb "H2S". Apparently, the previous incarnation of the bomb could weaken people, but didn't kill them instantly. However, all the new slime has to do now is eat giant food and it will become a deadly weapon of mass destruction. And thus, Caesar has decided to dub the weapon "Shinokuni" (or Land of Death). During the speech, Zoro's group, who are still running from the slime, come across the giant candy and some of Caesar's men. The servants are meant to be sacrifices for CC's experiment, though he pretends to look out for their well-being. However, as soon as Smiley appears, he just eats the giant candy and seems to be ignoring his master's orders.....

Heh, so we've already got signs that the poison salamander is going to betray CC. Though I do fine it interesting to learn that Law and Monet traded hearts. I wonder where Happy Harpy's heart is being contained, in that case? And I'm also still unsure if Vergo is in the same room as CC when he returns to the lab, or he went to hide. Guess I'll wait until the full chapter's release before I make any corrections on that part.....

I also wonder how Caribou's story will go down. Apparently, he's kidnapping mermaids again, but I highly doubt that guys like jinbei are going to sit idly by and let him do as he pleases. So maybe this ministory will involve him escaping the island so he can deliver the info of Shirahoshi's secret to that info broker he was talking about a while back.....


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