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Originally Posted by Plant42 View Post
Well it's not only a type of AIM Field but another dimension.
This town of heatwave is like a kind artificial dimension created from the aggregation of all espers's AIM Diffusion Field.
So when she was summoned her own world is together with it and fusing or wrapping the reality with her own reality.

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Oh I understand that, so when Fuse=Kazakiri materalized, her AIM diffusion field is literally that entire area brought into the real world? So she overwrites natural law, And in that world, magic is screwed up.

So again, AIM rejects Magic, and that's what kills espers when they cast spells. So lets say a powerful Esper like Accelerator- if he can generate large concentration of AIM (Black Wings), can he reject any spells?
Now I'm getting confused on how black wings works..... Its an auto update system that let's accelerator to download new found information directly on the AIM. When from Shmaster said when his in black wings mode he use kakine's wings to stab him down. Now for it to generate a large amount of concentrated aim to reject spells...... isn't it fuze=kazakiri when she's been summoned her own reality which the town she's from is a town where magic doesn't exist and when she's been brought up its fuse or collide with the reality and in her presence the " laws of magic " has been haywire. Unless accelerator can rewrite the so called " laws of magic " himself how can he reject the magic? does his black wings even allow such manipulation ?

Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post

So maybe an AOE attack.

In theory, you get an Esper/Magician with an AOE type attack and tell them to hit an area with Vent in it. BUT, they don't know that she's there. Anyway, that's just a theory in a perfect world.

I thought Aiwass was using AIM, not telesma?

For vent ............ attacking area effect spells type without the caster knowing that vent is their. Isn't that pretty hard? and also you need to bind vent their or someone must be a decoy because aren't area effect type cost spell incantation time? plus the charge of magic... it consumes time and to randomly cast it is useless unless vent is just idling their or someone is acting on decoy.

As for aiwass..... I'm a bit confused:
His a guardian angle right? then he could use telesma and heavenly powers?
But then again he manifest through fuze=kazakiri's field of rewritten magic laws. and feze=kazakiri is manifesting through the fused aim of the network or just through the network. And all and all its through " AIM " but those two are both angelic figures. One is artificial angel that destroys magic and the other is even a real guardian angel that should have the power to use angelic powers.......................... now what is right? AIM OR TELESMA?
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