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Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
First accelerator now Vent

People really hate cheaters and want to be dead.
That's not it. A powerful character will always tempt people to try to defeat them. It's like what Accelerator said, being the 'Strongest' is just a title that people wants to challenge or disprove. Naturally, even before the experiment people hated Accelerator for his powers.

Originally Posted by babohtea View Post
Can you describe her in terms of looks? Like the "blonde girl" or something?

How about asking a hitman to shoot the area behind everyone except you in a certain room?


Blindfold a genius and then pay them to do things like "shoot 24 degrees north of west, 10.3 degrees above the horizon"?
Why bother? WOuldn't the bombs have done the deed?

The more complex a plan, the more things can go wrong.

Originally Posted by MeisterBabylon View Post
At least I know that the answer I came up with defeating Accelerator (Spontaneous Combustion of Xenotic Origin) doesn't work on Vent.
I'm almost afraid to ask, but are you suggesting to nuke Accelerator with an alien source of radiation?

Originally Posted by tsunade666 View Post
Those two are walking gamesharks but still beaten down by touma.
Everything is situational.

If it wasn't for Mikoto and the SIsters working together Touma would have died from the Plasma attack. If Fuse=Kazakiri didn't injury Vent, Touma wouldn't have an easy time... Though her wind hammers aren't that complex to handle in the first place.
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