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Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
There have only been two occasions where we have seen Isley take significant damage in his awakened form. The first was when he fought Priscilla. The second was when he was killed.

During the first, not only does he not regenerate his damage during the fight, his arm is still missing even after he reverts to his human form. During the second, he tries unsuccessfully to regenerate his arm during the fight. This, despite the fact that the ability to reform his arms to his liking is his primary skill.

So, no, Isley never exhibits a level of regenerative capacity anywhere close to what Priscilla is capable of. Remember, Priscilla regenerates so quickly that Isley couldn't even see it happen.

This is more than a difference in power. This is a difference in kind.
.....Okay, we agree here, Priscilla is on a level far above Isley, which is sensible. However, let's think; While it is not as fast as Priscilla, the regeneration they have shown is unbelievable. Perhaps not instanteous, but seemingly only taking moments, and when you consider the sheer size of these guys, that's power.

However, how is it that they are even capable of this regeneration in the first place? Do you believe that any of the Abyssals were actually defensive-types?

None of them have really shown traits that make me think that. Luciella ran away, but that was due to survival instinct because she was beaten by a superior force and would have died.

Well, whatever.
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