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The thing is, what they were as an Claymore really doesn't matter - it does to normal Awakened, but the Abyssals and Priscilla are on a level far above that. It really doesn't matter what type they were.

In a way, the whole arguement is moot whether or not they were Offensive or not. If you ask me, all 4 of them were Offensive, because they've shown traits and characteristics, that make me think that. The only real thing that creates the belief they may have been Defensive is the level of regeneration they are capable of, which fights against the sheer power and other things they have shown and we have learned. Moments of fear don't mean anything either, because Fear is too broad and big of a human emotion too simply tie it down to being Defensive-only. Everyone is capable of fear, regardless of power and what type they were.

In summation; the incredible power of Abyssals, and Priscilla, is so great, that they are capable of regeneration to such an extent, that it really doesn't matter whether or not they were originally Offensive or not. It does to normal Awakened like Dauf and Rigardo, because they have less power to play around with, and their regeneration is slow to level out their sheer power. Then again, they are on a league far below the Abyssals.
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