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Since Priscilla is so powerful she could be as well a defensive warrior and have mighty attacks. The fact she killed youma doesn't necessarily mean she's an offensive warrior. I mean, under circumstances she was in to not take advantage of a free frag and instead hide and squeal would be rather stupid (although on the other hand for a girl to be able to cut off someone's head is ridiculous). Anyway, this situation doesn't tell us which warrior Priscilla is because we don't know what Priscilla was thinking when she became a claymore. In addition one can kill in order to protect himself and because he was afraid and not because he was angry or wanted revenge thus can be considered a defensive warrior.
Aimless does have a point that Priscilla's regenerative abilities are too good to say that she's an offensive warrior and I would say that it's at least as good argument as Priscilla killing a youma that didn't even see/sense her.
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