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Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
They could also be a "cold war" effect going on the Claymore world with both sides afraid to commit to a full scale war in fear that what would be left afterwards wouldn't be worth fighting for.
As far as we know, both sides and their predecessors have been in an all-out war for more than a century.
Here's the translation as from Onemanga:
Chapter 79 pages 27-28
Miria: "There are never-ending battles going on between different countries and people, all for territorial reasons...about a hundred years ago, the war split into two sides, and began the battle for supremacy..."

Originally Posted by orpheust View Post
you guys discussing how the humans survived for so long against the dragonkin forget that there originally were many more camps than just the two sides of humans vs dragonkin. Possibly the dragonkin had vendetta against each other, or the territory of one dragonkin clan was blocking another's. Quite possibly the dragonkin were keeping each other in check, and never really considered humans as serious foes until they came up with the mass production of AB. Miria said that the war on the mainland eventually became humans vs dragonkin, not that it started that way.
This is not what the translations suggest, sorry to tell you.
Chapter 79 pages 27-29
From Onemanga:
Miria: "One side can be considered as the Dragon's kins. They're said to have non-human comrades with extremely tough skin, and they quickly took control of the battle. The other side side quickly tried to invent new weapons to fight against their enemies. Soon after, that research gave birth to a new weapon, and that is a WEAPON THAT ALLOWS A HUMAN TO TURN INTO A MONSTER."

As you can plainly see, the Dragonkin clearly were on the attack before Awakened Beings were even invented! As for their not being united before the war split into two grand alliances, I'm not sure we have the evidence for it. We do have evidence of a political structure amongst the Dragonkin, which, excepting Isley's army, stands in strong contrast to most Awakened Beings hating company. What we know is that Dragonkin are sentient beings that live in a tribe and form a key part of their alliance's political/military power.

Here's the evidence
Onemanga's translation, Chapter 80 page 01
Miria, speaking of hybrid super-soldiers: "But use of their true power is restricted to when they encounter the draconic tribe at the heart of the enemy forces."

This is as good a confirmation we're going to get until Claire or Miria meet one face-to-face. Miria says it all. The Dragonkin are a unified tribe on a single side, fight in groups (see Chapter 80 pages 02-03), are therefore sentient enough to have their own political and hierarchy structure, and no doubt have some power over the military in their alliance.

How the warriors of Claymore OUGHT to look:
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