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I think that sums up my feeling towards the anime as well, good fun, just wish it had more of the music itself in it! I enjoyed the episodes where there was a performance more than the others pretty consistantly across the series. Just wish it was as easy to play as the show makes it seem!

I think the way I described it elsewhere kinda summed up my feelings (bar the needing more band stuff) on it:

"Hmmm, embarressingly enough I've watched the entirety of K-On! in the last few days, after having it recommended because of how much I enjoy music. I dont think I've even seen clips of an anime anything like it before. Parts of me were cringing inside, but as a huge music guy, I just couldn't quite bring myself to not enjoy an anime fundamentally about bands and making music, with an element of comedy thrown on top.

Would have been a lot better if it's persued more of the rock/metal element that the story hinted it could a few times (especially as the ending is more of a raw j-rock style piece, and the video reminded me of an Alice Cooper/Marilyn Manson video!), but I enjoyed it. The 'friendly, innocent' teacher being a hidden rock/metal girl with some guitar skills was probably just a cherry on the cake"

Overall I enjoyed the show and will most likely watch the second season when it appears, but it doesnt compare in any form to the likes of Spice and Wolf which just got me hooked on a much deeper level (which was the first and only anime I've bought rather than rented, and have a copy of volume one with a second from RS with the slip cover on it's way etc), K-on's much lighter fun and thats what I enjoyed it as
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