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Originally Posted by K_Babyy View Post
Though I am a little disappointed already cause, like Endless Twilight mentioned before, I also noticed that they used the same animation from the Envy/Marcoh fight. WTF?
If it means they're spending their Yens on the scenes coming up instead, I don't mind. My worst fear is that they run out of cash, since the episodes starting now just top each other in epicness and need appropriate animation.

This episodes was over way to quickly! I was glued to the screen. Yoki's entrance was awesome. Funny enough, I read the manga and should have known what was coming, but I actually reacted the same as when I first saw it: "Oh, right Yoki's still alive! Totally forgot!" Really funny how he claims some spotlight for himself XD

I didn't like the music insert, felt too forced. But that's the only thing I can complain about. This was easily a 10/10.

God, I'm SO excited for the next episodes. The preview didn't make it better.
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