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Originally Posted by Enternal View Post
The thing I see is this. Shu is a wimp, a coward, and annoying at times. However, he does not have bad intentions, he never kills those around him, and he tries to help everyone even when he was back stabbed multiple times and used. Does he deserved to be back stabbed more? Does he deserved to be used by the students in this episode and then tossed aside? Does he even deserved to have his arm cut off? Does he really deserves all of that just because he's a wimp and a coward? Not only that, he no longer fits under the wimp and coward category because all these past episodes, he is already starting to change.

It's alright to hate him but to say he deserves to be back stabbed, getting his arm cut off, and others is too much. Not a lot of people talk about Nanba on the other hand...

* Shu helps everyone free with a very tyranical attitude
* The students betrays Shu after he helps them
The students: Well we're not doing anything wrong. You were just a bad guy that's why we betray you.
* Gai cuts off Shu's arm
"Well he deserved it."
That's why most people with good-hearted are wimps. They don't want to hurt others but they have to in order to survive and save their ass, and thus complain a lot. But when they finally change to be more strict and dignified, they were often looked as tyrants, despite the fact that they're saving people. I feel like playing RPG filled with ungrateful bastards. People prefer Gai, but most of his underlings were wasted pretty easy, they died because they adore Gai and fought for their own ideal, while the students hate Shuu for being a tyrant (in order to save their ass) and used Shuu for their own survival.

I feel like watching Code Geass. I prefer Lelouch more because he's ruthless from the beginning, but still wish for the best, since the setting only has crazy people wanting to destroy the world or people who slaughter their *enemies* like bugs wile they called themselves *knights*.
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