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I myself am in the cut Shu some slack camp. I find it funny how people call him a wimp and sissy and daisy yet does anyone here think they could have survived the shit he went through without have a complete mental break down. Its always easier to sit back in judgement of someone rather to take action yourself. Until you have been responsible for other peoples "lives" you can not say for a fact how you would react, one can not for the life of them know the mental strain and stress one would be under in the same situations that Shu has found himself in no not found himself was forced into. Shu's character has evolved since the beginning and maybe the pace of his change is not to some viewers taste but Rome was not built in a day. A person becomes stronger everytime they get knock down and stand back up and Shu has been knocked down plenty of times. The horrible events that befell him this time would be KO for most people but Shu has shown that not only can he stand back up but he has shown himself able to adapt even when he does not want to. Shu has actually earned a little respect from me his actions from now on to the conclusion will determine how i truly view him. Some other characters have not show any growth. Is Arisa catching some serious flack? hell yea she is because i can think of 10 ways she could have handled the situation instead of the way she did. Arisa is a person who can be strong without others and she gets her strength by feeling like shes needed she cant stand on her own. The look she gave Gai at the end says it all that was not a look of a girl just being rescued it was the look of someone who had found a god like figure in her eyes that needed her. Its funny she was afraid about dying if her void breaks now Gai has the same power and i guarantee you this neo Gai wont be as nice as Shu was. GC character development could have gone better but its not down right horrible i have seen worse
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