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Originally Posted by Kusa-San View Post
OMG, please, kill all these bastards....Poor Shu and Inori. The only one that I still like (except Shu and Inori of oucrse) are Segai and Ayase. Eveyone else can die and I really hope it will be the case.

The best end would be : Shu, Inori, Segai and Ayase alive while the other are dead. HAPPY END.

Oh and please, if there is a god here, kill this fucking Triton definitly, please...
He'll res again

You'll never get your wish

Segai alive with those three at the end...? As what...kinda funny when you think about it

"my king power" was facepalm worthy.

Every kid needs his bout of that...let him have it, it's integral to growing up
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