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I think this episode and the last have been the best paced so far, partially because the manga source lends itself better to the anime's episodic format. The first volume or so of the goddess conquest moved the main plot at a fast pace for the manga which made it absolutely frenetic in the anime, since the anime trims a lot of the side events (which is a whole different subject I won't get into). In past seasons, there was a clear focus for each episode since there was just one target conquest to think about. But in this season there's a lot of overlapping events.

A particularly difficult point was episode 4--in the manga, Tsukiyo's reconquest was mixed in with the Nora/Fio visit and aftermath, with a ton of major plot points, but the manga's slower pace made it easier to keep up. The anime felt rushed and unfocused even though its adaptation was about as faithful as you could reasonably expect. But with the latest two episodes, the manga source material started focusing in solely on the reconquest, allowing the episode to do the same.
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