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They cut out a lot of material in this episode just to keep everything up to pace.

In the manga, when Keima goes to the band practice room and meets Elsie, he disappears as soon as Chihiro and Ayumi show up, and Elsie is left behind. Being intrigued by the Maijima Academy symbol, he heads to the library for more information. Shiori helps him find books and documents about Maijima's foundation, including the fact that the goddess Demeter is the woman in the symbol and the local deity at that. A photograph Shiori finds in the library's archives includes the silhouette of the old theatre that attached to the cave where the loose souls escaped. Keima leaves Shiori behind to find Elsie again.

Keima finds Elsie disguised as Kanon and drags her to the theatre to investigate it once more. From this point on, the anime generally follows the same events as the manga.

I'm glad that episode 9 didn't mess around with the Chihiro scene, but I was sort of looking forward to Keima and Shiori researching Maijima's past. While that information was not particularly relevant to the goddess arc, it might be relevant to the time travel arc if Manglobe chooses to animate that. The preview of episode 10 makes me worried that the episode will not cover Haqua's torture and awesome escape from hell, but I'm impressed that Manglobe has been able to fit in so much material in each episode so far.
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