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Originally Posted by MisaoFan
The problem is, I would be censored if there any censorship, Sena's jokes getting toned down, nipples shots getting censored (it will be here in the anime) or anything else...
Sena's jokes? You mean "Sena jokes" right? As in jokes on Sena. Wait, correction, you mean Yozora's !@#$%^&* jokes on Sena right?
I'm talking about underwear or nude shots which would be censored by TBS because it destroy the broadcast rules.

As for Milky Holmes I'm talking about the adaptation script, not the animation quality. In the game, Opera Kobayashi saves Sherlock's life in danger and with the help of the Milky Holmes team, they fight against Arsène and Co. but in the anime Opera was not appeared unless cameo appearance (in episode 1 and 11) but the plot in which I said before was completely butchered and replaced with total comedy elements.
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