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"The right to use my friend as a weapon. That is my sinful crown."

The former sentence seemingly refers to sacrificing the people you love for your own aims. In chess, in order to keep the king, you have to sacrifice his pawns. That's probably what the slogan refers to.

This is a really pretty looking show. There's no doubting that. But the premise is still dumb as hell. It's like the anime equivalent of Transformers 3.

If the show were more campy or more self-aware, then I wouldn't have a single problem with the things it was doing. But Guilty Crown seems to be taking itself completely seriously while having a catgirl pilot a giant robot with her butt. The fanservice is at odds with the kind of show it's trying to be (Eden of the East, GiTS). Whenever women are in pain (i.e. Ayase), they look sexy. The gestures and movements made by the characters are stereotypical. The catgirl has a stupid speech tic.

People compare this to Code Geass, but the two are fundamentally different. The fun thing about Code Geass was that it never passed up an opportunity to make fun of itself a bit. It was over the top; the characters were best described as flamboyant and it was completely ridiculous all of the way through. Just about everyone in the show wore some crazy outfit, and their gestures were fabulous max. There was tons of fanservice, but it wasn't limited to just women. Those elements also helped you suspend your disbelief, and ultimately made it an entertaining show.

Also, Inori is an object. I hope this is some thematic thing the director is doing, since she literally does transform into one. But her personality? First episode, "Use me." This newest episode? "I already belong to you." Come on. Ugh.
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