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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
To be fair, it was a false peace and the fed government was corrupt as hell, and the mere fact that EXA-DB exists proves that fighting can still break out at any time.
Cause Hindsight is 20/20 right?

I don't see a bunch of Titans oppressing the Colonies. In fact the Colonies are independent states. In Flit's early days the EF was nothing more than a token force.

Euba and Zalam? No longer super powers just a bunch of rival gangs.

Sure there is graft and corruption among Federation politicians and officials what government doesn't have those? (The PM's family kept about Mars secret from everybody though.)

There was no major conflict because everybody disarmed even the Federation.

As for the EXA-DB it was more than war technologies. It contained the most advanced technologies humanity had, an irreplaceable treasure. Probably left behind for future wiser generations.

Technology is neutral it all depends on who is using it.

It is not as if the EXA-DB was undefended (Sid) or nobody was minding the store (Reuna Inaju).

Somehow Ezelcant got a portion of EXA-DB without getting blasted by Sid. Which means there was another source... A leak.
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