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The main problem with AGE is the the three generations in 50 episodes set up. It just doesn't work out very well IMO. They had to justify the 70 year conflict so they came up with this stupid plan after they had already established a background history of the universe.

Given that following the Silver Chalice Treaty the Earth Sphere was in relative peace, it makes little sense for Ezelcant's plan to be about stopping wars to keep humans from becoming extinct. That's just stupid, never mind that there isn't even a 00-like scenario where you have a cold war going on that could go hot at any moment.

The Vagans would have been more sympathetic if their goal was actually just coming back to Earth and destroying the corrupt Earth Federation. If instead of attacking civilians and hiding their identity, they had come out and explained themselves they might even have gathered support from within the Earth Sphere...However that would only require 1 generation, not 70 years. Seems like instead of telling a good story, the 3 gen thing supersedes everything.
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