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Who the hell is anybody to tell you what you are and aren't cut out for? There's no way you can determine what someone will be when they grow up from their DNA. Our destiny isn't written in our DNA, that's a fucked up way of looking at life. It's what we make of it, not what someone else tells us. Your decisions alone should affect your destiny, nothing else. That's what being free means. To live under a system where your role in society is predetermined is to be a slave. Just because you start as a janitor doesn't mean you have to stay a Janitor. There are many cases of people starting at the lowest of positions and working their way up, through hard work. Under that stupid plan, people would be forced into roles with no hope of improvement.

No, he blew up the Altentic Federation president even though the guy had been calling him to dialog. He didn't even bother to hear the guy out, and he was planning to blow up Orb simply because Orb rejected his plan. Who gives him the right to blow up people who disagree with him? It was Orb's sovereign right to refuse such a plan.
Go study biology. Nature determines what you are capable of. Nuture defines how much of that potential you fulfil. This is clearly demonstrated in individuals with genetic defects, but less clear in other individuals. Not everyone can become doctors. If your IQ is less than 110, My suggestion is to give up, which is more than 50% of the world. Thats why the failure rate is so damn high, and even so, many doctors still kill patients by mistake.

There isn't a lot of detail in the Destiny Plan to condemn it. Maybe there could be choice, but limitations in choice. The plan was not explored enough, neither was a compromise made. I always thought of the plan as rational if a compromise could be made, but the concepts of Justice and Freedom(pun intended) disagree.

The best compromise would be to place individuals in related fields rather than specific jobs, allowing them to progress in a field. Also, it would be good if individuals can choose to know what roles they will be good at and possibly choose from a selection of different but similar fields. That individual can then progress in his goals through his hobbies and free time. Many like mountain climbing, but the society does not need that many mountain climbers. That is just the way the world works.

When one starts off in a field, they can then work towards having a specific goal in that field. For example if you are in the cleaning industry, you can be a sweeper, an inventor who create machines for cleaning, an operator who maintains such machines, the manager of the cleaning industry, etc. That decision of which tier you are in that industry can then be based on merit. No stinking nepotism, unfair wages, pulling strings, bribes, etc.

Orb was silly not to consider or discuss a compromise plan.
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