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Ok, so I have been trying to figure out the name of a samurai movie I am not 100% sure it was an anime I haven't seen it since around 2002 maybe even earlier. I am starting to loose my mind because a lot of my friends are saying I am making this up and if I am i need to write a real movie around it. So i can only really remember the end fight sequence of the movie. It involved the hero samurai fighting the villain samurai. (real original i know but please bare with me). Threw the fight scene the hero begins to realize he isn't going to be able to beat the villain, and knows this villain can't be allowed to live for he is going to just kill everyone. At one point they end up back to back with each other and the villain has his guard down and at that moment the hero pulls a heroic sacrifice by plunging his katana into his stomach which goes through the villains back and out his stomach. I for the love of all that is awesome in this world can't figure out what this movie or show was. It has almost driven me to pure madness. I am hoping that someone on this forum has seen this before and can shed light on this epic scene i have stuck in my head. Please Please Please someone help me.. Thank you..
I remember something similar happening like that at the end of Samurai Champloo. It was a fight between Jin and Kariya.
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