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Originally Posted by darkalpha View Post
Hmm. I'm inclined to support the infinite universes, and that our world are just one of them, each with their own set of rules and such. However I DO believe that it's not easy for mages to travel to other worlds that are very far away from their point of origin on the other side of the dimensional world. That's likely where dimensional spaceships comes in - pick up the dimensional travellers from one universe, travel to another point within the dimensional plane, and then those travellers would then transfer from the ship to another world that's distant from their original point.

It sounds plausible, given that Asura, which can travel between dimensions had no weapons until A's, so I doubt ships for dimensional travel would've been intended for combat anyway.
I would just like to add that all of TSAB's dimensional hopping powers only allows them access to dimensions that are:

- Not parallel to the ones that they have encountered. That's why we don't have two Nanoha's or two Fate's, or 3000 Gingas, no matter how much we wish it so.

Technically, to me that means the TSAB only has flight access and control over dimensions of the same frame of reference as Midchilda, and therefore time across the entire multiverse from their POV flows at the same rate.
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