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This translation in the General Discussion thread caught my eye:

Originally Posted by selkirk View Post
More DVD #1 booklet translations
[B]魔力変換資質「電気」 - Mana Conversion Affinity [Electricity]
Among mages, there are rare cases where individuals possess an innate ability, called a [Mana Conversion Affinity], which allows them to naturally convert Mana directly into a physical energy. What normally requires regulation via Magic, these abilities allow conversion to occur spontaneously. It becomes simple to convert one's own Mana into energy, and when Mana is converted intentionally, this can even occur at high efficiency. An individual can only have one type of affinity. Among Riot 6 members, Fate and Erio have an [electricity]-type affinity, while Signum has a [flame]-type affinity.
From here, it seems that Mana isn't energy, rather its similar to the Fate Stay Night interpretation, but I still think of it as some kind of energy... Maybe its some kind of high energy substance gathered, refined and secreted by the Linker Core, like ATP is to mitochondria? What do you guys think?
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