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So the road is clear now?

Ep 23, more RF getting owned and flashbacks. Vice and Zafira get ready to go out, Lutecia gets spectarularily antagonized, more flashback and she proceeds to destroy the numbers. Quattro gets her head bitten off by a giant bug. situation stabilize.

Ep24, our heroes overcome their different predicaments. Fate releases her true power after having been transported to scags center of power. Vice gives a boost to Tea, who activates level 3 and flies. Nanoha and Vita sink the cradle, but too late. True end boss appears.

ep25 , heroes regroup, and their team obliterates the danger, by going past the safety limit. Possibility of Nanoha vaporizing El Hazard and getting injured/losing RH (or something like that). Vivio dies like the useless moeblob she is.

ep26. Aftermath. All is well, everyone is happy, and the people you thought died in the last assault are shown barely sporting superficial scars.

Not even hoping for some character development. The StrikerS director obviously think boring vague fanservice and flashbacks is character development.
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