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Well looks like the guys may actually make a small comeback. Though I'm doubting we'd ever see Zafira in human form. Finally we get the finish of Vice saga with him probably saving Teana from her dangerous situation. Heck if they don't get pwned even Chrono might decide to come out and fight a bit. Unless they are brining that fleet out to see Carim .

Must be rough on Fate under the heavy AMF. But guess 2 or now 3 vs 1 plus AMF is the only way they can keep her from finishing things quickly with her limiters off. I'm sure she'll bust her way to victory, maybe deciding she's got to use sonic form .

Yep the mind control card has been played. But guess after manipulating Ginga it's not as huge a shock. Now Erio+Caro will have to beat down Lutecia to finish that off. Might even see a number or two switching sides if the bit we saw here was any indication of doubters in the following.
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