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Hey there, I have a question of something I've wondering about.

The different Barrier Jacket types are exclusive to Intelligent Devices owners? Because we've seen it, the different Device Types aren't exclusive, both Mages and Knights have multi-form Devices:

Laevateinn's Schwertform, Schlangeform & Bogenform
Graf Eisen's Hammerform, Raketeform & Gigantform
Bardiche's Assault Form, Haken Form, Zanber Form & Riot Zanber Form
Raising Heart's Accel Form, Buster Form & Excelion Form

But talking about different types of Barrier Jackets (or Knight's Armors, for that matters):
Fate has Impulse Form & Sonic Form
Nanoha has Aggresive Mode & Exceed Mode
Everyone else has the same Barrier Jacket/Knight's Armor

It's a coincidence or the Device Type has something to do with the Barrier Jacker/Knight's Armor Type? Or it's just preference? Because Teana, Subaru and Ginga have Intelligent Devices too (Cross Mirage, Mach Caliber & Blitz Caliber, in that order) and they only have a single type of Barrier Jacket (maybe they need to increase their ranks before creating different types of Jackets).

Ah, something else, anyone knows the names of the forms of Erio's Strada? I know the Düsenform, the one with rockets that allows Erio to "fly" (although he can't control it too well), but the initial form and the form he used to cast Thunder Rage, which are their names, anyone knows? (guiding for the German traductor, they should be Stangeform for the normal spear and Donnerform for the electrical enhancer spear, but I'd like to know official names)
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