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I would like a poll to find out the gender composition of K-on fans. Seinen anime are typically targeted at men between 18-30, but seeing all the song covers on youtube made me think that there are a lot of female fans as well. Particularly in season 2, K-on lacks the sort of pandering male fan service that characterizes a lot of seinen works. I am extremely curious to see the proportion of fans that are male compared to female in the animesuki community. It would also be nice if people could post what gender they are and why they enjoyed the show, just to see if there are different reasons between male and female fans for watching K-on.

I am a male recent college graduate. I thoroughly enjoyed this show because it reminds me of carefree days in high school I spent with my good friends. We had our stupid inside jokes that only we thought were funny, and we each had strange habits and insecurities. Even though its a show about 5 girls, I could relate to it meaningfully. I was impressed by how the second season of K-on reduced the amount of moe to create more believable characters, even though I enjoy many anime with said moe.
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